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Pipe Assembly

The installation of ACO Pipe® should be in accordance with the recommendations below and with AS/NZ3500.

Ensure that all tools are in good condition, electric tools and leads must have current safety tags. Pipe stands must be stable to carry the pipe with no movement and there must be no carbon steel or abrasive material in contact with the stainless steel pipe material.

Pipe Assembly

The assembly of pipe joints is quick and straightforward, requiring only a light application of lubricant to the chamfered pipe end.

1. Make sure both ends are clean and free of dirt.

2. Make sure that the correct seal is in place.

3. Ensure that the mating ends of the pipes and fittings are clean and free from contamination. Push-fit the pipe end into the socket but do not wedge into the socket recess. Use a half rotational movement to the right and left as the pipes come together.

4. When the pipes are fully engaged, pull the pipes back 6mm to 12mm to allow for thermal expansion. With a 60º temperature rise, stainless steel expands at a rate of 0.99mm per metre.

Pipe Cutting

If it is necessary to adapt or shorten pipe lengths, then the cut must be square, clean and ready chamfered. Cutters are available from ACO. These tools are designed to form the edge bevel on the male spigoted end of the pipe.

Carbon steel wheels are not permitted



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