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Farringford Apartments, Tennyson Reach, Brisbane, QLD

ACO Drain

Case Study No.62

Farringford Apartments, Tennyson Reach, Brisbane, QLD


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• Cable Pits

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Tennyson Reach is a thriving residential community consisting of high quality apartment buildings and is located on the Brisbane River, eight kilometres southeast of the Brisbane central business district. The apartments have uninterrupted views of the river and is situated next to the Queensland Tennis Centre.

Project Design Brief

The topography of the sloping site towards the Brisbane River raised some concerns for designers, as they wanted to ensure that any surface water runoff from the large areas of pavement and roads surrounding the tennis centre would be captured before entering the apartment site. The drainage system needed to be efficient, safe for high volumes of pedestrians and robust for vehicles.


ACO’s Solution

  • K300 with Iron Intercept Heelsaferegistration markAnti-Slip grates


  • The Iron Intercept Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grate ensures all pedestrian safety concerns are addressed, including slip resistance, wheelchair and stiletto heel safety
  • The K300 sloped system provides 0.5% fall per metre of channel, ensuring sufficient water run-off towards the channel outlet points
  • The KlassikDrain K300 system with Class D grate withstands wheel loads from cars and trucks

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