Road Drainage System Comparison
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In a lot of cases, ACO’s TraffikDrain and KerbDrain Systems are more cost effective to install than traditional kerb inlet pit and pipe systems.

Using pricing derived from the Rawlinsons Construction Handbook, a cost analysis was carried out based on a 100m length of road to include the trench excavation, backfilling, installation of the drainage system and laying the kerb.

Compared to the kerb inlet pit and pipe system:


There are advantages of trench drainage (ACO’s TraffikDrain and ACO’s KerbDrain) compared with the kerb inlet pit and pipe system with regard to:

Hydraulic Safety1) Hydraulics & Safety

  • Trench drainage can eliminate the need to install multiple pits.  For more information, click here
  • Low risk of aquaplaning created by flow into the traffic lane
  • No shoulder width is required to accommodate gutter flow
  • High capacity slot inlets repeated along the run ensures quicker water removal from the road



Installation2) Installation

  • Shallower excavation compared to deep trenches for pipes
  • Shallow installation minimises the risk of interference with existing services
  • KerbDrain eliminates the need to construct a separate kerb and drainage system




Maintenance3) Maintenance

  • Blockages can be identified quicker through TraffikDrain grates
  • Rubbish easily cleaned out by removing the TraffikDrain grate above the blockage
  • KerbDrain inspection units can be used anywhere along the run



For full details on the comparison, click here


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