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Residential Drainage Systems for use around home office and garden

The ACO Home Range consists of grated drain trenches and drain pits made from a choice of plastic or durable polymer concrete. These surface drains are available in a no. of sizes to suit any drainage requirement. Complete with grates, made from either plastic or steel, these systems will support a 5 tonne wheel load whilst keeping areas safe and flood free for many years.

HomeDrain Plus System

HomeDrainReg Plus System

HomeDrainReg Plus is a practical, lightweight drainage system for use in light duty areas around the home and garden ideal for do-it-yourself situations.

The system is lightweight, easy to install and is available with end caps and bottom outlets to provide easy run-off for the water collected.

Available in a choice of 4 grates including ACO’s exclusive HeelsafeReg grate.

HomeDrainReg Plus is strong enough to cope with occasional vehicular use and is the perfect answer around patios, swimming pools, barbecue areas and tennis courts.

light duty drainage systems for home and garden
HomeDrain Ultimate System

HomeDrainReg Ultimate System

HomeDrain Reg Ultimate is a strong rigid drainage system for use in home and office areas where vehicles commonly traffic.

The system comprises channels made from lightweight 'Polycrete' polymer concrete and is supplied complete with galvanised steel grates, strong enough to withstand regular residential type car/4WD traffic, End caps and inline grated pits complete the system.

For the drainage of large amounts of water or for the connection of rainwater down pipes to be run into the drain, a larger size grated trench system is available.

HomeDrainReg Ultimate is the perfect answer for concrete or paved driveways.

rigid drainage system for home & office with vehicle traffic
PointDrain System

PointDrain System

A complete range of grated pits to suit all residential applications.

Pit materials are available in light duty plastic or strong lightweight 'Polycrete' polymer concrete for areas exposed to car/4WD traffic.

Pits come complete in a choice of plastic or steel grates including ACO’s exclusive HeelsafeReg grate.

grated pits

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