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HomeDrain Plus

ACO’s foot friendly grates

When surfaces are wet they are unsafe!

This is the philosophy behind the anti-slip designs for ACO’s entire range of grates.

By popular demand, ACO has also launched HeelsafeReg, a grate that stops heels from getting stuck and will definitely keep tiny fingers, paws and walking sticks from getting caught. HeelsafeReg, brought to you exclusively by ACO will not only prevent tears but help you avoid embarrassment when entertaining guests.

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HomeDrain HeelsafeReg Grate
Black Slotted Grate
HomeDrain Black Slotted Grate
Galvanised Steel Grate
HomeDrain Galvanised Steel Grate
Terracotta Slotted Grate
HomeDrain Terracotta Slotted Grate
Heelsafe®   Black Slotted   Galvanised Steel   Terracotta Slotted
ACO’s unique HeelsafeReg plastic grate provides additional safety for women’s heels.   The most commonly used plastic grate,
versatile in its use.
  For a modern look that works well close to the home.
  A plastic grate that blends well with light coloured pavements and landscaped areas.
All grates are designed to support a 5 tonne vehicle.

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