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Protect the environment and avoid costly penalties that result from accidental spills

The ACO Polybund range comprises a range of portable chemical containment systems.

Industry applications include chemical, food, automotive, pharmaceutical, paint, ink and oil processing as well as government or council authorities.

containment systems Standard Products

Containment Systems

Drum containment systems contain a sump, galvanised steel mesh grating and removable drainage plug. Systems are manufactured in 'Polymer Concrete' or Polyethylene, offering high mechanical strength and resistance to most acids and alkalis.
tray systems Tray Systems
Tray systems include a containment sump, galvanised steel frame, mesh trays and removable drainage plug. Bases are manufactured in 'Polymer Concrete' or Galvanised Steel, offering high mechanical strength and resistance to most acids and alkalis.

Corrosion Resistant Materials
ACO is the world leader in the manufacture of products made from corrosion resistant materials. The ACO Polybund range makes full use of ACO's advanced material technology.

'Polycrete' Polymer Concrete Systems
'Polycrete' is a composite material consisting of a variety of mineral fillers bound together with a polymer resin. It has a high mechanical strength and is highly resistant to most acids and alkalis.

Polyethylene Systems
Offering excellent chemical resistance properties, Polyethylene is effective in the containment of most hazardous chemical materials.



ACO’s Technical Services Department will provide assistance on all aspects of product selection.

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