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ACO Drain channel bodies are highly resistant to chemical attack and, with the appropriate grate, can be used in most environments where acids and dilute alkalis are encountered.

Refer to chemical chart for resistance of Polyester and Vinyl ester polymer concrete. Standard products are manufactured using polyester resin.

When greater chemical resistance is required, Vinyl ester channels are available to special order, contact ACO for details.

These recommendations are for guidance only. Customers are advised to test a sample of polymer concrete to ensure suitability. Test samples are available free of charge from ACO.

Important considerations for chemical environments
When reviewing potential applications of trench drains in chemical environments, the following issues should be considered;

1. Type(s) of chemical(s), including mixture composition %.
2. Concentration percentages.
3. Contact time with trench system.
4. Temperatures of chemicals flowing into the trench drain. (82°C max).
5. Flushing system employed to clear chemicals from the system.
6. Cleaning agents should be checked for compatibility with trench materials.
7. Test samples can be used for final determination of chemical resistance.
8. Grate, locking mechanism, edge rail, outlet and rubbish basket materials should be checked for chemical resistance.
9. Check sealant for compatibility, if applicable.



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