Urbanfil / Pavermate
Steel Recessed Access Covers
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Single Part Systems
single part sytsems
Urbanfil - Single Part
Pavermate - Single Part

A range of standard depth recessed steel cover systems for use with tiles, concrete and epoxy floors (Urbanfil) and deep pan cover systems for use with brick pavers (Pavermate).  These access covers are available in single part, 2 part, 3 part, trench run and multipart configurations for load classes up to class B80kN.

Urbanfil/ Pavermate access covers are precision manufactured from 2mm thick high grade steel. A steel base fitted with reinforcing bars provides the recess for filling. After butt welding, the inner and outer frames are fitted before being hot dip galvanised to AS 1650 to provide corrosion resistance and to ensure an extended service life.

Removal of covers is by the use of AS3996 manhole cover lifting keys by means of 4 bosses at each corner of the cover in any direction. There are 4 high tensile steel M16 locking bolts per cover; Barri bolts are also available for maximum security.
All covers have a fitted polyethylene gas/odour and water rubber seal to act between cover and frame. Brass edging is an option for aesthetic applications.

Special sizes and stainless steel covers are manufactured to special order. Contact ACO

2 Part Systems
Urbanfil - 2 part
Urbanfil - 2 Part

Typical applications

  • Internal areas
  • Streetscapes
  • Prestige/Aesthetic projects
  • Light commercial areas
  • Ducting trenches
  • Electrical/communications services
  • Sports venues
  • Bus/Rail platforms
  • Ducting trenches
  • Shopping Centres
Pavermate - 2 part
Pavermate - 2 Part
Multipart Systems
Multipart systemsUrbanfil - Multipart
  Note. Urbanfil access covers can be lifted with an AS3996 lifting key

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