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polymer concrete

Polymer Concrete Materials and Properties

'POLYCRETE®' is ACO's trademark for products made from polymer concrete produced in Australia. It encompasses ACO's extensive portfolio of polymer concrete pits, channels, ducts, lids, risers and containment sumps.

Polymer concrete is a versatile, durable, composite material produced by mixing a variety of mineral fillers with a synthetic or natural resin binding agent. This advanced engineering material is used in many industries but is most common in the building and construction industries where its long life and material properties make it ideal for many products.

polymer concrete material features
polymer concrete features
polymer concrete
ACO Polycrete

Material Features

  • High resistance to chemical and biologocal attack
  • Lightweight compared to cement concrete products
  • Excellent noise and vibration absorption
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Good weathering and UV resistance
  • Zero water absorption
  • Can be cut with masonry drills and grinders
  • Can be recycled as rubble or crushed for use as road foundation
  • Approximately 4 times the flexural strength of cement concrete
  • Good thermal properties and stability
  • Ultra smooth finish which encourages efficient hydraulic flow


Material Properties    

Bending strength
Shear strenth
Compressive strength
Modulus of elasticity
Specific gravity
Water absorption
Operating temperature
Surface roughness
Manning's coefficient
20 MPa
20 MPa
90 MPa
22,000 MPa
2,200 kg/m3
0.05% by weight
up to 80°C
25 um
Polymer Concrete
Polymer concrete, also referred to as artificial granite, is a composite material consisting of dry aggregate fillers and a monomer system, polymerised in place by catalysed peroxide decomposition. The principal components of polymer concrete are gravel, sand and calcium carbonate bound together with a polymer resin. Commonly used in areas subject to heavy wear and high loadings such as carparks, roadways and industrial areas.

Hydraulic Performance
The ultra-smooth internal surface gives superior flow characteristics (Manning's Co-efficient 0.011). When compared to conventional concrete or GRC, for a given cross-section, ACO POLYCRETE® Channels enable greater discharge rates to be achieved or longer lengths of channel to be installed.

Chemical Resistance
ACO POLYCRETE® Channels can be used in most environments where acids and dilute alkalis are likely to be encountered.

Polymer concrete has a very high compressive strength, but a little reasonable care is required in handling.
Correctly specified and installed, ACO POLYCRETE® products have a virtually unlimited design life.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Polymer concrete as a material requires no maintenance and the channels are easily accessible for cleaning or maintenance of the drainage run.

Mould Resistance
POLYCRETE® Channels require less maintenance than concrete channels. The smooth, impervious surface of polymer concrete resists biological growth.

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