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Training courses for professional development

In today’s ever-changing construction industry, it has never been more important to ensure you are up to date with current industry regulations, practices, trends and innovations.

Driven by increased urbanisation and climate change, surface water management and cable management are essential topics for the construction industry.

With a series of free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and industry specific courses, we provide essential learning and knowledge to construction professionals, ensuring you can undertake professional development when and where you need it.

Continuous professional development is a commitment required by chartered bodies to develop your career and encourage lifelong learning. Some courses have been accredited by professional associations such as Engineers Australia (EA), Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and Architectural Information Services (AIS).

Whether you work in design or construction, we have training to help further your learning.

ACO education and trainingOur training can be accessed in a number of different ways to suit your learning requirements; online, in-company, in-branch, or at our Australia-wide sales offices.

CPD Presentations

ACO Training - Trade Waste

Trade Waste CPD

When we think about trade waste, there is a tendency to only consider grease traps, but it also includes the products that collect and transfer the trade waste.

This course provides an overview of the selection considerations for the collection of wastewater in drains, transfer through the pipe system and treatment in gravity grease traps.

Ideal for: Hydraulic Consultants, Kitchen Designers, Plumbing Consultants, Building Architects

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Training - Abc Trench Drainage

The ABC of Trench Drainage

This course covers all of the essential considerations for selecting a surface water drainage system.

We explore traditional and modern systems that deal with the removal of surface water and examine why design life costs, safety, and efficiency are best used as key performance indicators.

Ideal for: Landscape Architects, Hydraulic Consultants, Civil Engineers, Stormwater Engineers, Plumbing and Building Contractors

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Australian War Memorial

The ABC of Service Enclosures

This presentation addresses the key considerations when selecting service enclosures across various applications.

It also looks beyond the enclosure to lids and access covers, how they can affect performance and their physical and visual integration within pavements.

Ideal for: Civil Engineers, Landscape Architects, Electrical Engineers, Electrical Contractors and Mechanical Engineers

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Training - Stormwater Tanks

Stormwater Storage Tanks

Sustainable surface water management is becoming an increasingly integral part of planning applications for new and existing buildings.

This course examines solutions for underground detention, retention and infiltration systems, with a focus on installation and meeting other key project criteria.

Ideal for: Civil Engineers, Stormwater Engineers, Contractors

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Training - Architectural Building Drainage

Architectural Building Drainage

This course looks specifically at various considerations when specifying architectural drainage within the building envelope.

It educates on topics that are relevant to every application, from hydraulics and client requirements, to specific considerations for green roofs, balconies, door thresholds and bathrooms.

Ideal for: Architects, Hydraulic Consultants, Building Contractors and Plumbers

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Pedestrian safe spaces

This course empowers designers who are focused on walkability in public areas by correctly integrating surface water systems and service pits.

The focus is to create successful flat drainable pavements with an appreciation of slot criteria, slip resistance, loading, durability and access for maintenance.

Ideal for: Architects, Landscape Architects, Hydraulic Consultants and Contractors

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Industry Solutions

Training - Airport Drainage

Airports: drainage and service enclosures

Airports are undoubtedly harsh environments with heavy loads and frequent use.

Along with the specifics of specifying drainage and service enclosures for airports, this course also examines selection criteria such as material selection and load classes to help designers make informed decisions that contribute towards long term durability.

Ideal for: Engineers, Architects and Contractors

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Training - Road Drainage

Roads: drainage and service enclosures

With 800,000km of roads in Australia and different requirements in States and Territories, this presentation specifically examines drainage and service enclosure selection for roads and highways.

This course covers the essentials for integrating drainage and service pits for new and upgraded transportation corridors.

Ideal for: Civil Engineers and Road Contractors

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Training - Light Rail Drainage

Light Rail: drainage and service enclosures

Light rail infrastructure is growing in popularity in Australian cities as a method of green transportation to connect communities.

Integrating drainage can be a challenge in this specialist application, but ACO has extensive experience with drainage and service enclosures for light rails in Australia and around the world.

Ideal for: Engineers and Contractors

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