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ACO's System Chain

aco system chain

Effectively managing water can be tricky where extreme weather is involved. For the environmentally conscious among us the idea of water wastage sends a shiver down our spines and protecting this from happening by incorporating sustainable methods helps to encourage the waters reuse.

ACO are a worldwide supplier of drainage systems that aim to help safely control excess water for ecological and economical reuse. Their acclaimed Water Management System Chain approach helps planners to control water as it passes through the water cycle chain, specifically at groundwater level, to harmonise with parts of the Water Sensitive Urban Design:


A drainage system is put in place to gather and collect surface water as quickly and completely as possible to avoid wastage whilst protecting people and property around the urban environment. Efficient collection prevents people from having accidents and damage occurring to walking and vehicular pavements and structures.


The water collected is then treated using integrated physical, chemical or biological processes to guarantee that it can be expelled into sewers for sustainable use. This is particularly necessary if there has been a hazardous spill or contamination.


A crucial part of the process. The liquid that has been collected is then held in the system chain for reuse. Depending on the planners’ intent, precious water can be held for storage or infiltration.


The final piece of the puzzle, the collected liquid that has been treated can be pumped and discharged into downstream systems and receiving waterways in a sustainably ecological way.

In extreme weather conditions if surface water is allowed to sit, it can cause a number of problems in the urban environment including: traffic congestion, accidents, damage to buildings and contamination to water. The responsibility for urban flood management comes from government bodies and companies, who are responsible for the maintenance of drainage. By effectively implementing a drainage system they can prevent flooding and further irreparable damage in the future.

Climate change can play a part in the more extreme nature of the environment we live in including increase in rainfall and storms coupled with dry seasons where we may need to use our resource water supplies. The chain system of products that ACO Polycrete provides allows for the collection and treatment of water so that during these change in seasons we effectively manage the water cycle.

To find out more information about the surface water management for an environmentally sound future, head to: To view video view

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