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Wildlife protection system ACO Wildlife ACO Wildlife Wildlife protection system

ACO Wildlife is a range of tunnel and guide wall systems designed to provide safe passage across roads for amphibians and small wildlife. ACO’s range of specialist systems have successfully been implemented in Australia to protect wallabies, koalas, wombats and echidnas (amongst other animals) from traffic accidents.

Vehicle collisions can be dangerous for both animals and humans. ACO tunnels help prevent accidents caused by animals darting onto roads or drivers swerving to avoid them and reduce the number of wildlife fatalities caused by vehicle collisions.

When roads and other infrastructure fragment natural landscapes, populations of animals can become isolated. Wildlife tunnels allow animals to move freely, which is crucial for maintaining genetic diversity and healthy wildlife populations.

Spacings between crossings vary depending on migration patterns of the animals that are being protected, where there are known patterns of animal crossings and data from strike rates of when animals have been hit by vehicles.

Tunnel and guide wall systems

  • Tunnel system installed flush with road surface providing ventilated passage below road surface
  • Guide wall diverts animals and amphibians to tunnel entrance
  • Expected operational life of 50+ years
  • Manufactured from polymer concrete, a proven material in road drainage systems

Case study: Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria

In a bid to reduce wildlife fatalities within the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, Victoria, the team embarked upon a project to install wildlife tunnels at key animal crossings within the national park.

Based on historical data of strike incidents, the team were able to identify crossing locations and sought to install short stretches of tunnels across the roadway.

Across a number of installations around the gardens, koalas, echidnas, long neck turtles and countless other animals have been observed using the tunnel systems.

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