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ACO’s residential drainage products

Drainage products for bathrooms driveways, gardens, thresholds, balconies and other areas around the building line.

Door threshold, balcony and roof drainage

A range of channel and grate drainage products designed to protect the building from stormwater at or around the building line from the ground level up to the roofline. These specialty products intercept and collect surface water specifically for thresholds, balconies, green roofs and building façades.

To learn more about ACO’s threshold, balcony and green roof drains, visit ACO BuildLine.

Aco Buildline

Outdoor drainage

ACO offers a range of DIY trench and grated pit drainage products, ideal for homes, gardens and landscaped areas.

Trench drains are available in a choice of plastic and polymer concrete. Also available exclusively, Heelsafe®, ACO’s heel friendly grates for residential areas.

To learn more about ACO’s trench and grated pit drainage products, visit ACO Self®.

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