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Cook & Tiroas Barracks Redevelopment (Vanuatu) – ACO Australia servicing the Pacific

The Governments of Vanuatu and Australia are working together to deliver a large infrastructure project for the Vanuatu Police Force in Port Vila.

For this key redevelopment, infrastructure is being delivered by an integrated project management team comprising Australian Army engineers, commercial engineers, GHD, and contractors from Icon Australia and Reeves International.

This is carried out in close consultation with Vanuatu Police Force personnel.

This reinforces the security partnership between the two nations and a key objective of the project is to maximise Vanuatu industry and commercial involvement to benefit the local economy.

For the management of cables and surface water, ACO’s cable pits and stormwater tanks were selected.

ACO Ezybrixx Pits

ACO EzyBrixx Pits
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is a range of modular rigid (twin wall) plastic pits comprising an innovative interlocking wedge system.

These pits are capable of withstanding wheel loads and in most cases a concrete backfill is not required.

Components are made from 100% recycled polypropylene and are configured in 150mm high stacking units to create a lightweight and easy to install pit of any depth.

Concrete Encased Polycrete Pits

Concrete encased polycrete pits
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Polycrete® pits

have excellent insulation properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption, which makes them ideal as electrical enclosures.

Lighter and therefore less cumbersome than traditional concrete pits, they can be easily handled on site.

ACO Stormbrixx

ACO StormBrixx®
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is a unique and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system designed for surface water infiltration and storage.

The tanks comprise manufactured cells that are rigid and quick to assemble in a brick bonded and cross bonding connection for optimal stability.

From a few access points, the open cell structure permits completely free access for inspection and cleaning including all the extremities.

ACO’s cable pits were positioned along the underground electrical cable routes for branching and bending of cables and to allow surface level access for jointing and maintenance through removable lids and access covers.

ACO’s underground storage tanks were used for detention to manage the stormwater from exceeding the capacity of the receiving pipework downstream.

These ACO products were specified to perform essential functions to keep the site free of water hazards and to ensure uninterrupted power supply to various key areas of the site.

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