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ACO Australia Team

About ACO Australia

When you deal with ACO, you are dealing with a global company that thinks locally. You can expect an Australian made product designed and manufactured to Australian requirements fully backed by Australian based customer and technical support teams.

ACO is an Acronym for Ahlmann Company. The Ahlmann family started ACO and still owns it today.

ACO Pty Ltd is part of the ACO Group, a multinational company specializing in the manufacture of products in the construction and building industry.

In the early 1970s, ACO pioneered the development of a modular approach to channel drainage systems made from durable polymer concrete. In 1972, ACO set up a company in Switzerland, followed by France in 1976 and the US in 1978 and then Australia in 1988. Since then, the ACO Group has expanded globally through its subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in over 40 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia with 3800 employees worldwide.

ACO Pty Ltd is an Australian manufacturer, sales and marketing company with access to ACO’s other globally strong manufacturing bases. The company offers an extensive portfolio of stormwater, building drainage systems, cable pit and ducting systems; access covers and other products for niche applications. These products are installed in internal and external residential, commercial and industrial applications.

ACO Pty Ltd is headquartered in Emu Plains, Sydney and has offices and distributors throughout Australia, South East Asia and the South Pacific. It offers onsite support for all aspects of the business from specification advice to installation expertise. Through dedicated training programs, ACO Pty Ltd is recognized for providing the industry education on water and cable management; and access covers.

As market leader, ACO Pty Ltd is constantly innovating to bring new products to the Australian market. It has access to the ACO Group’s various R&D competency centres globally. Locally, the company is dedicated to continuous development, quality and testing to ensure ACO products continue to meet Australian national and regional requirements. ACO Pty Ltd operates an ISO 9001 system, the internationally recognized standard for quality and is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of excellence throughout the organisation.

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