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ACO turns 25 in Australia

On August 11, 2019, ACO Pty Ltd will have been manufacturing in Australia for 25 years with facilities in Western Sydney and more recently Goulburn, NSW.

Aco Turns 25

ACO prides itself drawing on the expertise of Australian talent for its workforce as well as sourcing locally sourced raw materials for the manufacture of finished products. ACO manufactures from corrosion resistant durable materials such as polymer concrete, cement concrete, stainless steel, mild steel, and moulded plastics. In addition to this, it has multipart assembly capabilities to support its manhole access cover range.

Australian MadeACO are foremost suppliers of water and cable management product solutions for a number of Australian industries – mechanical, communications, electrical, architectural, urban, and civil and transport infrastructure.

When you deal with an Australian manufacturer, you can expect world-class customer support without delays.

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ACO Turns 25

ACO Executive Management Team – with a combined tenure of over 80 years with ACO.
(L to R) Ken Klein; Gary Bukowski, Lauren Clark, John Sordo, Matt Crowley  

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