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Building Architecture

There are drainage elements in a building where the visual impact is as important as its function.

Aesthetic drainage in buildings is often required to protect the structure from stormwater and wastewater. Typical applications include bathrooms, thresholds, balconies, patios, facades, doors, swimming pools, rooftops and other alfresco areas.

A number of factors need to be considered with regard to the materials, design and manufacture of drainage components. The importance of these factors varies on the application:

  1. Visual appeal:  do drainage elements need to be discreet, or a feature of the building design?
  2. Integration:  do drainage elements need to interface with other building materials? E.g. waterproof membranes, door tracks, flooring materials.
  3. Customisation.
  4. User safety. E.g. slip resistant and heel friendly grates.

ACO’s architectural building drainage products offer excellence in all four areas, whilst providing essential drainage to protect internal wet areas and the external building from water damage and flooding.

Building Architecture
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