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Stadia - Track and Field

If athletes are to produce outstanding performances, they also require optimal conditions. As an experienced sports arena construction partner, ACO is called on for its expertise around the world. Running track drainage, and safe, competition-friendly system elements have proven their worth time and time again in almost all Olympic stadiums built since 1972, as well as numerous council sports facilities.

The ACO Sport range of products is specifically designed to meet the demands of track and field facilities. ACO is the market leader in the supply of products for world class sports facilities including F1, MLB, NFL, NCAA, and worldwide Olympic venues (including Sydney Olympics). These specialty systems ensure that water is rapidly drained. Kerbs and boundary systems for pitches, running tracks and athletics facilities ensure that competitions can be carried out safely and securely even during inclement weather whilst providing a safe arena for athletes and spectators

ACO offers a full range of water and cable management products for track and field, as well as the surrounding public areas such as:

  • Track areas
  • Stadium entrances
  • Bleachers
  • Car parks and access roads
  • Atrium areas
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