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Urban Public Spaces

Urban Public Spaces

This includes topics relevant for drainage in external public spaces, streetscapes and recreational areas. Themes such as visual appeal, user safety, and water sensitive urban design are explored.

Newsletter Topic - Transport Infrastructure

Transport Infrastructure

This includes topics relevant for external drainage in civil engineering infrastructure namely, roads, highways, and mass transit systems: bus, rail, light rail, seaports and airports.

Newsletter Topic - Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

This includes topics relevant for internal drainage for commercial and industrial buildings, e.g. commercial kitchens, food processing. Themes such as hygiene and durability are explored.

Newsletter Topic - Service Enclosures

Service Enclosures

This includes topics relevant for underground services requiring pits and/or access covers. Themes such as cable management, access for maintenance and trafficability are explored.

Newsletter Topic - Building Architectural

Building Architectural

This includes topics relevant for drainage in buildings. Typical applications include bathrooms, thresholds, balconies, patios, facades, doors, swimming pools, rooftops and other alfresco areas.

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