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Sports Field and Stadium Drainage

ACO Sport products are split into easy understandable systems:

System 1000 Track Trench Drainage
A versatile 127mm wide track drainage system available in either open channel with white running track de-lineating border cover, or slot channel, with the facility to attach a removable running track de-lineating border. Catch basins available to suit open or slot channel.
System 2000 Track Trench Drainage
The premier running track drainage system as used on IAAF (International Amateur Athletics Federation) tracks. The system consists of straight and curved slot drainage channels with catch basin.
System 3000 Track Trench Drainage
The economical, general purpose running track drain system used by schools. The system has straight and curved channels with catch basin.
System 4000 Open Trench Drainage
An open channel drain with removable grates. Ideal for areas around synthetic turf fields, tennis courts, running tracks and general sports field use. Available in 3 neutral depths or 30 sloping units.
System 6000 Synthetic Turf Trench Drainage
The premier open channel drain with synthetic turf clamping devices to neatly secure the artificial turf.
System 7000 Sandpit & Curb System
A series of products to fit around sand pits used for long jump and high jump. The polymer concrete curbs have cast-in rubber edging to protect athletes. The sand boxes fit around the sand pits to catch any sand splash and have easy to remove non-slip grates.
System 8000 Steeple Chase Jumps
A kit form to produce the steeple chase water pit. Manufactured from modular polymer concrete ducts.
System 9000 Bleacher System
A polymer concrete bleacher system for use at high schools and in landscape areas. This easy maintenance, modular system allows simple bleacher systems to be built around tracks or fields.

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