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Building Drainage for Water Management

In increasingly volatile Australian climates, the conservation and management of water is more crucial now than ever before. And that’s before mention of the mounting pressure placed on individuals and organisations by authorities on how wastewater is handled within and beyond the building line. ACO has taken an innovative approach to designing commercial drainage systems for changing Australian weather conditions and rising population. In the dense urban environment, ACO building drainage is built not only to endure, but to thrive.

Our building drainage products collect stormwater from the building structure, for example from the building’s roof, balconies and facades, as well as collecting wash-down water from internal floors – kitchens, bathrooms, industrial/processing areas – in order to clean the grease and oils from the waste water for release to external services via stainless steel pipes. This process can be simplified into three distinct phases:

  1. Collect
  2. Clean
  3. Release

With various operations involved in these three processes, we offer several ranges of drainage products for various applications throughout buildings. Eight of our lines are especially suited for building drainage as follows:

ACO Stainless

ACO Stainless is a range of stainless steel drainage products which, because of its corrosion resistance, durability and versatility, is suitable for applications in supermarkets, hospitals, abattoirs, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories and more.

ACO BuildLine

ACO Buildline is a range of drainage products designed to protect the building from stormwater at or around the building line, from the ground level up to the roofline, by intercepting and collecting surface water on thresholds, balconies, green roofs and building façades.

ACO Gully®

The ACO Gully® range comprises fixed and adjustable height stainless steel floor wastes designed for use in commercial and industrial projects where hygiene, durability and performance requirements are paramount. Drainage products in this range include a choice of stainless steel grates, bucket traps for trade waste applications and internal foul air traps for where construction height is limited. Deep drawn bodies enable full drainage, eliminating stagnant waste water, smells and microbial growth.

ACO Food

To prevent the contamination of harmful bacteria, a range of hygienic stainless steel channels have been designed to meet stringent industry requirements. Deep drawn bodies enable complete drainage, thereby eliminating stagnant wastewater, smells and microbial growth. Designs in the food range incorporate large radii in the channels to ensure ease of cleaning.

ACO Wexel

The Wexel range of drainage products comprises cast iron roof and floor drains to suit almost any application from pedestrian areas to flat roofs on any commercial or industrial project. Cast stainless steel floor grates are available both with and without cast iron bodies, for either a push-fit or deep body connection. The iron bodies are available with adjustable height tops to suit the finished floor level; clamping rings and puddle flanges to accommodate the waterproof membrane; bucket traps and other variants.


QuARTz by ACO is a range of visually compatible bathroom drainage products which can be arranged in harmonised schemes from eight grate designs.

ACO Pipe®

ACO Pipe® stainless steel socketed pipe systems provide the modern metal alternative to PVC and HDPE soil and waste pipework. The range is compatible with ACO stainless steel channels and stormwater drainage products, which make up the complete portfolio for Building Drainage.

ACO Passavant

ACO Passavant is a grease separator for full disposal which is operated purely by gravity. Density differences mean that heavy solids contained in wastewater sink to the bottom of the separator while light substances such as animal fats and oils rise to the top of the grease separator. The treated wastewater is discharged into the sewers via a drainage outlet pipe. The ACO Passavant separator is ideal for food service areas and hotels.

Using a combination of these commercial drainage systems could not only significantly reduce your maintenance bills, but help you to collect, clean and release water for compliance and conservation purposes. Get in touch with the team at to find out how our commercial drainage systems can help you management water.

ACO Building Drainage
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