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Peering into the future of Australian manufacturing

The face of Australian manufacturing has changed dramatically over the past few years and with the recent closures of key industry players, ripples of home grown manufacturing dying out continue to spook firms and increase media hype.

Though the threat of closure is an element businesses need to be aware of, long standing manufacturers should not be so quick to throw in the towel and instead see this as an opportunity to ground their foundations of what once was a booming industry.

Successful manufacturing comes from seeking innovation, opportunities and new methods to take the process to the next level and evolve with the trade. ACO Pty Ltd, a family owned and run drainage manufacturer established themselves in 1946 and have been developing products for over 50 years in the construction industry. As a business they recognise the importance of continuing this building block of their company through expanding globally, “It’s about a change of mindset from Australia as a whole, the government and manufacturers. We need to get behind Australian manufacturing and continue to grow” says John Sordo, Head of Marketing and Product Management. “We saw Australia as a prime location to manufacture in the 1980’s and stick by our decision to expand globally here as we have continued to do so over the past 30 years.”

ACO Pty Ltd has further shown their investment in Australian based manufacturing by recently opening a new steel production area within their Emu Plains site which they have occupied since 2004.  Dedicated to developing this section of their business, they aim to manufacture and market products for the inside of commercial buildings as well as outside.

The addition of eight new members of staff to the site will give the company even more potential to grow within Australia and beyond. John Sordo continues “We employ over 90 people within our site in Western Sydney. We feel it’s important to support the local economy and our portion of the manufacturing here in Sydney. We’re part of a community that wants to see Australian manufacturing continue to strive.”

ACO Pty Ltd creates products for utility enclosures and water management solutions and has seen an increase in export sales as they distribute their products across the globe. Their focus is to also continue to grow their export market over the coming years throughout New Zealand, South East Asia and South Pacific.

The increase in capabilities from companies such as ACO Pty Ltd will ensure that manufacturing has sustenance in the industry but it needs the backing of local and national government along with fellow companies to continue to service Australia and beyond instead of opting for a cheaper “quick fix” elsewhere. By focusing on innovation, employment and export, businesses can actually grow their profits and help the economy in this precarious time

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